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About The Iris Recognition

What is the iris?
The「iris」is 「the donut shaped membrane 」in the eye.
The iris consists of the muscle which adjust the opening of the pupil, and has the function to adjust 「the amount of light」coming into the inside of the eyeball from outside. Normally 「color of eyes」means this「color of iris」.
Why can the iris identify the person?
「The iris pattern」differs each other like the fingerprint and is not duplicated.
The iris has pattern and that「iris pattern」differs by each person like a fingerprint. Although the iris is a part of body, there is almost no genetic influence, and it differs in the same person and the identical twins. Also the iris, differing from face, fingerprint, has a big feature that it will 「not aging change 」in the rest of life from about 2 years after birth.
Who first presumed the Iris Recognition?
It's Professor John Daugman at Cambridge University.
The ophthalmologists in US Leonard Flom and Aran Safire discovered 「the iris pattern differs by each other」in 1986, and applied for a patent (Flom patent).
Furthermore, Professor John Daugman at Cambridge University applied 「the patent of coding an iris pattern based on mathematical grounds (Daugman patent)」in 1992.
Can the Iris Recognition be used for the eyes with contact lens・colored contact lens?
There is no problem for general and uncolored clear contact lens.
For colored contact lens, it cannot be used because the pattern of the colored lens covers the iris pattern and bothers the recognition.
Can the Iris Recognition be used for the eyes with glasses?
It can recognize with glasses and transparent goggles. However, to capture the image of iris the infrared light is irradiated and in case of wearing glasses an recognition error (false rejection) may occur depending on the place of the reflection of the infrared light on the glasses.
Can the Iris Recognition be used for the eyes with sun glasses?
If the sun glasses are permeable enough the infrared LED, it can recognize.
To capture the image of iris, the infrared light is irradiated and it depends on the permeability of the light of the sun glasses.
According to our SDK test, there are some successful cases of the eyes as imaging object are visible by sight through the sun glasses. More details can be checked by the development license.
Is the camera for the Iris Recognition a normal camera?
In general, a specific camera for photographing the iris is required.
For photographing the iris, it requires to irradiate the infrared light, and a normal visible light camera can not be used because it is embedded with the IR cut filter for better image.
Is it possible to recognize at outside (under sunlight)?
There are some cases of recognition errors because of the photographing places and sunlight reflection, so we recommend to test in similar environment before the formal introduction. It is expected to increase the accuracy by our iris composition technology.
Is it possible to recognize at dark place?
The infrared camera is used for photographing the iris and it is doable at dark places. When in dark places the pupil diameter gets larger but by utilizing Panasonic patent technology a recognition error due to the change of the pupil diameter hardly occur in the specification.
Is possible with bloodshot eyes by the conjunctivitis?
There is not problem with the conjunctivitis and bloodshot eyes because they do not influence to the iris.
The eyes are constituted with the sclera as the white part, the pupil as the central black part, and the iris as the donut shaped part in between them. The conjunctivitis and bloodshot eyes make the sclera red, and if they do not influence the iris pattern then there is no problem on the recognition.
Does the iris change by aging?
The iris will not aging change after 2 years of the birth.
The human iris pattern is immobilized by approx. 2 years after the birth, and there will be no change in rest of life.
However, There is a case of iris change due to a surgery and, injury which influences the iris area and loss of iris pattern.
Does the Iris Recognition need both eyes?
One eye is still possible.
One eye is still possible, and both eyes are possible without doubt.
It is possible to select how to use based on service type and usability.
Are the iris of right and left eyes same?
No, they are different.
The iris of a person is differ between right and left eyes.
Are the iris of twins (identical twins) same?
No, they are different.
The iris rarely get the hereditary influence, so the iris patterns of identical twins who have same DNA are different.
The fingerprint as well as the iris is different between the identical twins, but it was clarified by the research that the iris is more complicated than the fingerprint.
Is it possible for a dead person?
The recognition of the iris is not possible because when a person died the iris muscles relax and the pupil expand.
The iris is a tissue made of the iris muscles, and when a person died whole body muscles get relax as well as the iris muscles, and at the end the pupil stayed open.
With these reasons, the Iris Recognition for a dead person is not possible.
What is the difference between the Iris Recognition and the face authentication?
Things to use for recognition and the presence of aging change are different.
The face authentication uses 「face features (the frame of the face, the positions of parts like eyes, nose)」to recognize person, and the Iris Recognition uses 「the iris in the eyes」. The Iris Recognition needs only the iris information and not influenced by 「the presence of the mask and mustache」. It is still possible to recognize a Muslim woman wearing 「Hijab」as far as her eyes are exposed.
Also the face relatively is easy to get aging change, but the iris is not.
Is it possible to recognize eyes took LASIK operation?
The LASIK operation is the surgery of the cornea and it has no influence to the iris pattern, so it's still possible to recognize.
Can the person who has visual defects, cataract・glaucoma use the Iris Recognition?
It depends on the condition of the symptom.
The presence of influence to the iris pattern is the point of propriety.
Does not the infrared LED bring a bad influence to the eyes?
The iris camera is required to meet the IEC62471 safety standard.
In case of having continuously high light quantity of the infrared rays for long time, there may have influence to the eyes.
To avoid such situation, it is required to produce the iris camera to meet the photobiological safety standard IEC62471.

This site / our Iris Recognition technology (SDK)

How can I use SDK?
First, please contact us.
Currently, we are working to offer the license for development of the Iris Recognition SDK. We expect to be ready to offer it together with the iris camera in around September 2018. Please wait till then. Also we accept advance reservation at any time.
How to do the materials download?
Please feel free from the materials download page.
From the materials download page, click of your desired 「PDF download」and it will be downloaded automatically.
Is the demonstration of the Iris Recognition available?
If you visit us, it is available.
We are developing with a limited number of workers and we show the demonstration at our office only. If it is difficult for you to visit us, please contact us.
What is the Iris Recognition SDK?
「SDK」stands for「Software Development Kit」and is the development package.
「The Iris Recognition SDK」was created by making our 「The Iris Recognition engine」to SDK type, and it can be embedded and develop with various applications and engines.
What kind of services with using the Iris Recognition SDK are available?
「The Iris Recognition SDK」can be embedded with other engines and various functions like AI, IoT.
We have received many inquiries to embed with the entrance and exit control, smartphone・ tablet・ note PC, and connected car. One of the merits of SDK is to be able to embed with the development of new products, existing products, developing product, and services.
I want to have the materials of the Iris Recognition SDK.
You can download the white paper at our web site.
As a part of ecological activity, we do not send the materials by the paper. Pease download the materials at our site.
When will the Iris Recognition SDK be offered?
We expect to offer the license for development in summer 2018.
We expect to start offering the license for development of the Iris Recognition SDK together with the iris camera in around September 2018. Please wait till then. Also we accept advance reservation at any time.
Do you accept any interview?
Please contact us with your company name, purpose of interview, contents of interview at our site.
Do you sell the products like camera and equipments of the Iris Recognition?
We are lending the demonstration equipments like the iris camera.
We currently do not sale of the Iris Recognition equipments. But the paid rental (\5,000/month) of the demo equipments・hardware to inspect our Iris Recognition engine is available.
How much are the price・fee of the Iris Recognition system
We are ready to provide the estimation of it separately.
The license of development is \600,000(tax excluded) . For the commercial use, it depends on the system structure and the contribution degree of the Iris Recognition engine. The contract of revenue share is also available.
Is there any risk of leaking the iris photograph data?
After coding the iris image, it is possible to restrict the leak by destructing the iris image.
After photographing, the iris image is converted to the iris code and right after that the iris image can be destruct, so this can restrict the leak of the iris image. The Iris Recognition will use only the iris code and there is no need to save the iris image.
What are the merits・demerits of the Iris Recognition?
Merits: Convenient・High accuracy・No aging change / Demerits: Expensive・Only few installation examples
One of the merits of the Iris Recognition is no need of carrying and remembering anything due to recognize a person by using a part of the body which differs from [the possession authentication」using a key・IC card and 「the intellectual authentication」using ID・password.
And other merits comparing to other biometrics authentications are the touchless, no aging change.
Some demerits are less company of developing it in the world, not familiar yet and the price is still expensive, and less example of installation.
What is the recognition speed?
It is less than 1 second.
In the Daugman algorithm it says the recognition speed is about 1 second from providing the iris image, but our Iris Recognition enables to recognize faster than that.
Is it possible to install the Iris Recognition SDK to smartphone and tablet device・PC?
It may need a embedded adjustment depending on the design・specification of the smartphone and tablet, PC.
Is it possible to embed the Iris Recognition to a robot?
Our Iris Recognition SDK can be operated on LinuxOS / MacOS / WindowsOS. Also the operation by Raspberry Pi3(Jessie) is already confirmed, but it may not operate depending on the kind of OS. Please contact us for confirmation.