Next generation UX for you 「The Iris Recognition technology」

We are the only company in Japan to develop
「The Iris Recognition engine」 utilized Panasonic patent technology .

The Iris Recognition SDK


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About the Iris Recognition

The Iris Recognition is the technology of identification by using the 「iris」around the pupil.
Comparing with face and fingerprint, one of the big features of the iris is that the iris will 「not aging change 」in the rest of life from about 2 years passed after birth.

With growing demand of security, various「biometric authentications」like 「face authentication」and「fingerprint authentication」have been put into practical use, and the Iris Recognition recently attracts attentions as the next generation 「identification」which takes place of 「intellectual authentication」and「possession authentication」.

「The Iris Recognition」is the secure authentication technology with high accuracy.

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The Iris Recognition SDK

Swallow Incubate Co., Ltd. utilizes patent technology owned by Panasonic Corporation and we are the only company to research and develop 「distinctive Iris Recognition engine」 .

「The Iris Recognition」requires high research and development technology and It's been said the hurdle of practical use is still high, but we are able to provide 「SDK」which can be combined with「other engines」and 「IoT services」.

We recommend to use our advanced technology 「The Iris Recognition」for your products.

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The Iris Recognition/Installation examples

The Iris Recognition has large demand for 「security related businesses」due to its high accuracy.
By installing 「The Iris Recognition system」instead of other authentication systems, its high「UX」 will bring you strong surprise and impression, and the services will be transformed to more convenient and plentiful ones.

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The Iris Recognition system installation flow

This is The Iris Recognition installation flow.
If you are interested, please contact us.
We plan to support co-development projects and joint demonstration experiments.


The Iris Recognition system installation fee

The fee is subject to the usage, installation scale, commercializing or not.
If you are interested, we will estimate for your inquiry individually. Please contact us.

Please contact us at the following email address!

Please contact us at the following email address!